Four Eagle Scouts with 12 Wood Badge beads

27. May 2008

My father, brothers, and I have all participated in Scouting.   We have all earned the Eagle Scout rank.  It was really not an option in our family--earning the Eagle Scout rank was a must.  While each of us three boys moved off to college, Dad continued to stay involved in Scouting.  One of the programs that Dad continued to stay involved in was Wood Badge.

Wood Badge is a program that educates adult leaders about Scouting and leadership.  Over time Dad asked each one of us to take the Wood Badge course.  Of course after we completed the course Dad then asked us to come on as staff.  It was all part of a master plan.  Somehow Dad managed to get all three boys on the course, two of us were on staff and one was a participant.  The highest level of leadership on a Wood Badge course is course director.  That was the position that my Dad served the past year.

Wood Badge beads are earned by completing a Wood Badge ticket.  A ticket contains tasks or goals that are done for the good of Scouting.  Two beads are earned after the ticket is completed.  Another bead is earned by volunteering in a Wood Badge course as a staffer.  For my father, he earned the fourth bead by serving as the course director.

This may be a first in Scouting, four Eagles with a combined 12 Wood Badge beads.




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